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From his senior year in High School, the Author shares a valuable lesson learned from his varsity basketball coach in the poem, “Don’t Quit.”

From coaching boys’ basketball for more than a decade, the Author tells a story about how a player gives love back to the coach in the poem, “Who’s Taking Care of Coach.”

Turning a negative to positive, the Author candidly shares how his adversity provided for a better relationship with his son and grandchildren in the poem, “Adversity Can Bring Joy.”

All of the poems have life-lessons built into them. Many will bring you to tears and cause you to reexamine the values we hold dear and too often take for granted. This compilation of poetic works will challenge the reader in ways unimaginable. I know that you will enjoy reading this book and your life, along with the life of family and friends, will be enriched.

I strongly encourage all to buy, read, and reflect on these introspective poems. Buy the book also as a gift for those you love. There is something in it for everyone to both enjoy and benefit from.

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Author, Calvin Doucet
All Rights Reserved