Mother’s Love

Waking up one day and you are born.
Crying out sharply like the blast of a horn.
You can feel the warmth and comfort of a mother’s love only.
Mother’s love kept you safe, secure and never lonely.

Mother turned your tears to a smile by picking you up after a fall.
Mother never gave up on you and always demanded that you give it your all.
Mother said times will be tough so work hard and don’t fear.
Mother prepared you for when she is no longer here.

Now the day has come for mother to go away; I can’t cry or be sad.
It is a Home-going Celebration, I should be glad.
Mother will be looking down from heaven, with a big ol’ lovely grin.
Knowing that one day in heaven, we will be together again.

Calvin J. Doucet
Author, Legacy of Wisdom through Poetry

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